Visit to Place of Hope Presbyterian Church - March 8

The next visit to Place of Hope Presbyterian Church will be Sunday, March 8, 2015.  We will join the congregation for worship and then serve a meal.  The worship service starts around 3:30 pm.

There are many ways you can help this outreach project:

  • Bake cookies – bring to the church on March 8th
  • Bring some of the food items that are needed (see sign-up sheet at the back of the church). Items can be brought either to the church or directly to Place of Hope.
  • Come to worship and help set up, serve and clean up.
  • Come to worship and drive people to the service and home after the service.
  • On Saturday, March 7, 2015, come to 590 University Crescent to help prepare the Chicken Chili.
  • Donate money to “Food for Place of Hope Visit” through your offering.

Please contact Carole Bilyk ( if you have any questions.

Future Building Information Session - March 1st

God’s People, God’s House

A partnership between 
Prairie Presbyterian Church and 
Lighthouse Evangelical Arabic Church

All people, regardless of age or ethnicity, spend their life on a journey.  We seek to help people find their way by pointing to the true light of life, Jesus Christ. It is only in journeying with Jesus that we can find our true home. Our common task, our common mission, is to follow Jesus together and help others do the same.

We are working together to build a new shared facility that will enable us to reach out in service with the love of Christ in even greater ways.

“The builder of all things is God. Christ is faithful as the Son in charge of God’s house. We are God’s house if we keep up our courage and our confidence in what we hope for.”   -   Hebrews 3:4,6

Who is the Building For?

The future building is for people who are not yet among us. Our hope is to pass on a legacy of faith, helping to grow healthy disciples in healthy congregations.

Primary uses of the building:

  • Worship services
  • a day care for ages 2 to 6.
  • Recreation for all ages
  • Concerts, coffee houses, etc.
  • Meals for various groups (from small group dinners to banquet style)
  • Small group meetings, committee meetings, etc.


Prairie and Lighthouse are full partners in this new facility. We will remain open to community partnerships and will work to provide space for community partnerships to develop.


Most space in the building is multi-use. The Sanctuary will be able to house worship services, concerts, and small scale recreation activities. All staging, chairs, equipment and instruments will be portable and can be stored.

Information Session on March 1st

We are excited that the first building drawings for are now available and can be views at our current space any time. On Sunday March 1st, following the worship service, our project manager, Ralph Friedenberger, and the building planning team will be providing more in depth information and more visuals of what the building could look like. At this time, the finances required and the plans for raising additional funds will also be discussed. This is your opportunity to give feedback about the drawings. We need your participation and feedback.  You can also talk to members of the building planning team at anytime about the drawings.

Unless the building planning team sees the need for substantial changes to the drawings after hearing feedback on or before March 1st, we will be asking the congregation to vote on the drawings at the annual general meeting on March 15th.

Lent: A Journey With Jesus

Download the printable Booklet Here

What is Lent?

Lent is the 6 week period of time that begins on Ash Wednesday and culminates in the celebration of Easter. Traditionally, it is a period of time for Christians to repent (realign their lives toward God) and personally prepare to accept Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross as an action that brings grace and eternal life to each believer.

During the period of Lent it is appropriate to meditate on our personal and corporate sinfulness. Because of this many Christian traditions encourage people to give up something or fast during this period (following Jesus’ pattern of a 40 day fast in Matthew chapter 4) Sometimes, it is appropriate for a person to add something to their life - a daily spiritual practice for example - instead of giving something up. Whatever you add or give up during the Lenten period, it should be something that helps you focus on God.

What does the word Lent actually mean?

It comes from the German word for “Spring” because the 40 days takes place in the Spring (at least in the Northern Hemisphere). Originally the Lenten period was called quadragesima, meaning ‘the forty days.’

Aren’t there actually 46 days between Ash Wed and Easter Sunday? 

It is tradition not to include Sunday in the count. Sunday is considered to be a day of celebration because it is the day of Jesus’ resurrection and is therefore not included in the days reserved for penitence and fasting.

Is this a Catholic thing? 

Although many people associate it with Catholicism, many traditions (including Presbyterians!) celebrate Lent.

Lenten Challenge


You are encouraged to give something up for Lent. We all have things that we should give up permanently, rather than just for 40 days.  During Lent, however,  think of something that you like, something you enjoy, and give that up.  Every time you miss what you’ve given up, remind yourself that God is good and provides for your needs.  When Easter arrives, take up what you gave up again, and thank God for the gift that it is in your life. If you plan on giving something up, let us know by emailing what you’re giving up to


Luke's gospel is 24 chapters long. Pace yourself, reading a little bit every day. Reserve chapters 22 to 24 for the last few days of Lent leading to Good Friday, then Easter Sunday.


Each Sunday throughout Lent, we will be focussing on a different spiritual practice.  You are encouraged to try each practice at least once during that week.

As you do particular spiritual practices consider posting something on Prairie’s Facebook page about your own Lenten Journey:


Ash Wednesday Service is at 7:30pm on Feb 18th

Action: Take one day this week and have a true fast from food.  Make sure you drink water. Do not use the time you would have had meals to catch up on work.  Use them for rejuvenation in some way: prayer, reading the Bible, connecting with a friend, etc..  We encourage you to fast from sunset on Feb 19 to sunset on Feb 20, but you can pick any day this week or any day during Lent.


Action: Schedule a full half hour sometime this week to spend in silence, listening for God. Have a pen and paper on hand.  If distracting thoughts come into your mind, write them down and forget about them, and try to completely clear your mind and just be with God. When a though comes that you believe is perhaps from God, focus on that thought and repeat it in your mind as you listen.


Action: Schedule a half hour in your week for reading a short Bible passage.  Read it over several times to yourself, and identify a word or a short phrase that sticks out to you. Then repeat that word or phrase over in your mind and let that be your prayer.  Give yourself time to listen for God, and it it helps write down your thoughts.  If you want, you can get brave and share your thoughts with a friend, or try posting your phrase on Social Media.


Action: Actually take a full day off from all work (this includes housework).  If possible, even prepare your meals the day before so they can be simply laid out on your Sabbath. Try not to spend money this day either.  Have fun, relax, enjoy God’s creation (that’s what God did on the seventh day).   This might best be practiced on a Sunday - try it on March 15th.


Action: Make a true tithe for this week to remind you of your dependence on God.  Take some time and figure out what 10% of your income is for one week.  Give that much money away - it doesn’t have to all be to the Church. If you already practice giving 10% of your income, pray asking God to show you how to grow in your giving. Is there something extra you are being called to do?


Action: Attend worship on Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday and plan to attend special one or more special services during Holy Week, or pray the Stations of the Cross. 

Building Planning Update

Prairie Presbyterian Church is working with Lighthouse Arabic Church toward building a new facility on McGillivray Blvd.  We are excited to announce that the position of project manager has been granted to Ralph Friedenberger.  

We are currently working on the initial designs with Ralph, and he will provide the logistical leadership in going from dreams and designs to the actual bricks and mortar.  He will lead us through all the necessary stages ahead and we are looking forward to be able to bring reports as the work progresses.

You can read a backgrounder that provides the process and thought behind hiring Ralph and behind making the decision to cease looking for other land options and go with the great property available on McGillivray.



Norman Kennedy Presbyterian Church in Regina is supporting Prairie Presbyterian Church

This past week, Rev. Matt Brough visited Norman Kennedy Presbyterian Church in Regina to speak with members of their congregation about our ministry and mission at Prairie. Norman Kennedy has committed to praying regularly for Prairie and in particular for our building project in partnership with Lighthouse Church. At their “mission event” a thank offering was received to support our building campaign and a stained glass window was presented to Rev. Matt  for Prairie/Lighthouse’s new building as a symbol of our connection in Christ.  The window was made by a member of Norman Kennedy (now deceased). His daughter was present at the event, and is pictured here with Rev. Matt, Ronda Bosh (minister of Norman Kennedy) and one of the Church’s elders.

Jennifer Ostash Hired as Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry

In early June 2014,  a document was distributed in the congregation that listed the various funds that exist within the church. One of those funds has $23,327 in it that had been designated by the congregation of St. Andrew’s for Ministry Outreach. It was indicated in the document that “some of this money may be used in 2014 if the session has a ministry outreach use for it.”

Later that month, the session entertained a proposal to use these funds for a youth and young adult ministry project to last 18 months, where we would hire someone on a part time basis to work in this area.  Over the summer a job description was created. In September the congregation was informed that we were seeking to do this, and a team given power to conduct a search and hire someone was put in place. Other Presbyterian Churches were notified that we were accepting applications. We interviewed two candidates and prayerfully considered each one.  

The position was offered to Jennifer Ostash and we are pleased that she has accepted and is taking on this new role with Prairie for next 18 months.

Jen brings her evident love for Jesus Christ and a passion for youth and young adults to this work. She is an elder in the Church and has been involved in the leadership and life of Prairie Presbyterian Church for several years.  She brings experience working with youth from her time at First Presbyterian Church in Brandon, and has taken several courses and workshops in the are of youth ministry, through the Canada Youth Ministry Training Track and the Princeton Seminary Youth Forums. 

Prairie looks forward to the flourishing of the young people who will connect to the ministry that we can provide, and we join in prayer for this ministry to be an opportunity to reach out to youth and young adults beyond our congregation.

New Youth and Young Adult Worker

Prairie Presbyterian Church is hiring a youth and young adult worker. The position will be 15 hours a week for an 18 month term with a review at 15 months to determine the future of the position.

The purpose of the position is to reach the youth and young adults that are connected to Prairie Presbyterian Church, with a specific goal to also reach out to the wider community, helping them with their growth towards mature Christian adulthood by providing opportunities for exploring their faith, with a focus on The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). God gave an outward expression of His love and in that gift, Jesus sends us into the world to display an outward expression of love. We are to follow Jesus and help others do the same.

Moving (back) to 590 University Cres.

Last Spring when Prairie first began, we struck an agreement with the owners of the Church at 590 University Crescent. The agreement asked for certain renovations to be completed in order for Prairie to be able to occupy the space on a full time basis.  The chief renovations are nearing completion and we are going ahead with moving in for a first worship service on Sept 7th.

For a number of the congregation it is moving BACK. 590 University Crescent was the place of worship for Trinity Presbyterian Church prior to the amalgamation when Prairie was formed. We are thankful that we were able to continue worshipping where St. Andrew's has been located, at Prince of Peace Lutheran, for these last 5 months.

The congregation members of Prairie have been fantastic.  They have been willing to worship at 9:15am and even park off site to accommodate the increase in people using the lot.  A big thank you to you all for your patience, grace and your dedication to Prairie in sticking things out in less than ideal circumstances.

Things will not be perfect on the first few Sundays in 590 University Cres. You may see some old carpet which needs replacing, or there may be baseboards missing. Not all of the stuff from Prince of Peace Church will have made it over to the new space right away either, and the sound system probably won't be ready to go. The leadership felt getting into the space on Sept 7 was more important than having everything absolutely ready. We can worship God without all the bells and whistles for a while if we need to!

Prairie is the primary lease holder at 590 University and we are responsible for all the property management. This means that Prairie members need to treat this place as their home. This also means we can have increased use of the space for different ministries and programs that we might wish to do. Some of the leadership are already thinking about and planning for ways we can use the space to reach out more to the community.  Our partners, Lighthouse Evangelical Arabic Church, will be meeting there on Sunday nights, and will use it for some other activities as well.  We are also very happy to share the space with a new Church plant that is starting up in the area and needed space on Saturday evenings. This new Church plant is connected to the owners of the building and so their use once a week is built into our lease agreement.

We are excited about what will be possible in this space, and how God might use us to bless this community over the next few years as we continue to look ahead to our more permanent home which we are planning to build.

Rev. Matt Brough
Pastor of Prairie Presbyterian Church

Praying and Planning for God's People, God's House

Part of Prairie Church’s plan is to build a new facility. Our key partner in this undertaking is Lighthouse Evangelical Arabic Church, a new Church Development of the Presbytery of Winnipeg. As we go into our planning stages, people from both congregations (and anyone else, really) are invited to come and pray for this major project.

Beginning July 15th, we will have a prayer meeting every Tuesday evening from 6:30 to 7:30pm

This will be a time simply to pray for the future home for our shared ministry. After the prayer meeting, you are welcome to ask questions or share in informal conversation about the future plans.  We won’t have too many answers at first, but as plans begin to be developed, and shared within the congregations, Tuesday nights will be an opportunity for you to discover more, get greater clarity about the planning, and give your input.

There is an initial building planning team consisting of several elders from Prairie and the ministers of both Prairie and Lighthouse. This team met on July 3rd to start discussion around process and developing a timeline of decisions and action steps. We will need participation from the congregations in the planning, and in carrying out the plans as we go. We anticipate that this initial planning team will grow to include others from the congregations. We intend to keep you informed as we plan.

Your greatest participation is needed in prayer.  

You are encouraged to pray every day for the building project, which we are calling “God’s People, God’s House.” If you commit to praying for 4 minutes a day, that will amount to around 24 hours of prayer in one year. Please also consider coming to the weekly prayer meetings on Tuesday evenings.