Location: 590 University Cres., Winnipeg, MB


What is Sunday worship like?
Our worship is vibrant, rooted, participatory and community strengthening. We strive for excellence in what we do, working to find creative means of worshiping an ever creative God. We are rooted by connecting to God through the practice of certain broad practices of the Church, such as hearing the Bible read out loud, praying for each other, singing and making music, and sharing communion together.  We place a high value on all people of varying ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds, being able to participate fully as one community.

Is it “contemporary” or “traditional”?
In some ways that’s hard to answer. We sing praise songs, and classic and modern hymns. We have a band, but sometimes sing with just piano or organ, or just guitar, or with no instruments at all. The prayers are often for the real concerns of people we know, but sometimes they will be from ancient or not so ancient liturgies. Preaching is central, but it is not “preachy.” Confession is important, but never used to make you feel guilty, only ever to remind you of your freedom in forgiveness. Is the worship “contemporary” or “traditional”? Both.

Children are encouraged to be part of worship. Part way through worship, they usually go to Children’s Ministry. Parents are welcome to accompany their children until they feel comfortable.  For some kids this happens right away, for others its weeks or months. Following Children’s Ministry, the kids rejoin the worship service. The end of worship often includes an offering, communion, singing, and a blessing. Throughout the summer there is no “Children’s Ministry” – children are welcome and encouraged to be part of the main worship service, but parents are welcome to take their kids out to play if the need arises.

What should I wear?
Dress is casual or if you want you can feel free to dress up. We are more interested in your relationship with God than what you look like when you come to church

What happens when I arrive?
Once inside you will be welcomed by a greeter who can help you get oriented. Refreshments are available after the service, so feel free to stay afterwards if you like. The worship service starts at 10:00am and usually goes until about 11:00 or 11:15.