Praying and Planning for God's People, God's House

Part of Prairie Church’s plan is to build a new facility. Our key partner in this undertaking is Lighthouse Evangelical Arabic Church, a new Church Development of the Presbytery of Winnipeg. As we go into our planning stages, people from both congregations (and anyone else, really) are invited to come and pray for this major project.

Beginning July 15th, we will have a prayer meeting every Tuesday evening from 6:30 to 7:30pm

This will be a time simply to pray for the future home for our shared ministry. After the prayer meeting, you are welcome to ask questions or share in informal conversation about the future plans.  We won’t have too many answers at first, but as plans begin to be developed, and shared within the congregations, Tuesday nights will be an opportunity for you to discover more, get greater clarity about the planning, and give your input.

There is an initial building planning team consisting of several elders from Prairie and the ministers of both Prairie and Lighthouse. This team met on July 3rd to start discussion around process and developing a timeline of decisions and action steps. We will need participation from the congregations in the planning, and in carrying out the plans as we go. We anticipate that this initial planning team will grow to include others from the congregations. We intend to keep you informed as we plan.

Your greatest participation is needed in prayer.  

You are encouraged to pray every day for the building project, which we are calling “God’s People, God’s House.” If you commit to praying for 4 minutes a day, that will amount to around 24 hours of prayer in one year. Please also consider coming to the weekly prayer meetings on Tuesday evenings.