Discerning Community in Transcona / East Kildonan

This will be a gathering of individuals in the Transcona / East Kildonan area: for worship, Bible Study, discipleship, and conversations around what a new expression of Church might look like for them and for their neighbours. Jen Ostash-Gooch (Prairie’s Young Adults Pastor) along with her husband, Matthew Gooch, has begun conversations with a handful of people who live in the area, and who are not currently connected with Prairie. Together they will have discussions about what vibrant faith looks like in families as the majority of the initial group have children under the age of 4.

While initial gatherings will take place in a home with a shared meal, the hope is to eventually use a non-church space that is neutral for people who may have baggage about “churches” or for those who have never been to a church before and have some preconceived notions about what “going to church” means. The vision and mission is to facilitate a safe space where people can come from all walks of life to encounter Jesus, explore faith, explore what it means to be in community, and engaged missionally in the world.

As well as doing the work of discernment with this small group, Jen and Matthew will also make special effort to become familiar around the community. Attending the Market Garden (farmer’s market) on a regular basis, finding ways to volunteer, and frequenting locally run coffee shops or restaurants will be the main way to achieve this familiarity. It will also help the group discover what God is already doing in the community and guide the discernment process.