Membership at Prairie

Membership in a local church is not about its rights and privileges. It is about making a commitment to a particular group of people in addition to one’s commitment to Christ. Becoming a member of a local congregation is a way of recognizing that a life devoted to Jesus Christ is a life lived in community with other Christians, working together for the benefit of others and the growth of God’s Kingdom. 

Becoming a member is a way of publicly declaring your commitment to Christ and Christ’s Church in a local setting. It is our way of saying we care about one another, that our fellowship is important, and that we are a distinct community of faith, with Christ as our strength and guide.

A member is someone who: 

  • Has professed their faith in Christ as Lord and Saviour
  • Faithfully attends and participates in the worship of God, including participation in the Lord’s Supper, within the fellowship of the Church.
  • Seeks to support, encourage and respect their ministers and members of the Order of Diaconal Ministries.
  • Prayerfully listens and recognizes the leadership and authority of the session.
  • Seeks to live out a spirit of caring for those within and outside the congregation.
  • Takes a lively interest in all that concerns the welfare of the whole church.
  • Contributes generously, and graciously, as the Lord enables them, for the furtherance of Christian ministry and mission.
  • Manifests a Christian spirit in all the relationships of life.

Membership in the Presbyterian Church in Canada (PCC) 

When someone becomes a member of Prairie, they are automatically a member of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. This means that you belong to a wider Church community in addition to the local congregation; we belong to a Presbytery, a Synod and a national Denomination. As part of the PCC we support international ministries, and national initiatives. As part of the Presbytery we support important local initiatives such as Winnipeg Inner City Missions. Our National Church and Presbytery support Prairie by offering prayer, guidance, and accountability. As part of the PCC we also have opportunities to gather with other people who share common beliefs and basic way of organizing ourselves as the Church. The Presbyterian system of Church governance is an important way that we are distinct from other Christian denominations.

If you are interested in becoming a member or would like more information about membership,
please contact the minister, Rev. Matt Brough at